We need access to the social dimension.

We need access to the social dimension.

But there is one thing certain: we must take all, discovering areas remained in the shadows, refining certain concepts in integrating new. * ** It is not a matter for us to develop a universal description of human behavior, but to adjust a new conception of learning, an educational theory fitted to found a school, that is to say a practice that radically changes the relationship of the individual to knowledge, culture, and ultimately power. This is also well under way for more than fifty years of research and educational activism.

This is perfect it. This is to show that it is possible to develop a practical theory that does not impede the course of life, which promotes courses of forces, which accepts and assumes the regressions, which facilitates the syntheses. ** * Tracks are necessary or available to us that must be our field of investigation. – Resume the concepts used in order to adjust to the current situation, on the criterion of their ability to describe and convey practice.

Create others if the need arises. Thus, the concepts of use-barrier to successful act, breach, discharge, trend, permeability, experience chain model (related to imitation and identification, and rich environment helping to share the master, etc.) each discover a field of reflection and experimentation capital. – We also need to achieve integration affectivity in this set too mechanized.

Psychology and psychoanalysis, in particular, who is out of the pathological matrix in which it was locked up again just a few decades, can enable us to situate the data of sexuality and also to clarify the relationship game which are formed between the individuals constituting the group. – The trial and error can be locked in a study of individual behavior. We need access to the social dimension.

The trial and error of a group reveals a dimension to situate our research undertaken since 1957 on the development of the class towards self-management. The influence of the environment is considerable, we must put the route of the individual in all past and present relationships that determine as a unique and original, among others, by others.

We can follow the evolution of a set of individuals juxtaposed to a group as a living, original and unique, it, too, managing his own life. – The study of the stages of development, led among others by Piaget and Wallon, give answers to some questions and allow them to be assertive where Freinet was hesitant. The fact remains that we have a validation task to strictly experimental checks to be conducted. – Finally, cybernetics and biology can help us decisively in our own tentative approach, thanks to studies of living beings, self-regulated, not to lock ourselves in a vain description of an essentially complex phenomenon. * ** At these tracks, the list is not exhaustive, will add the questions directly from practice that will remain the keystone, the mark on the validity of our efforts.

We can build a school in the extent of our requirements if the theory underlying its operation is at odds with current designs, related to learning and education. This theory is the link, the common base for all practitioners and perpetual confrontation with the swell of daily practice that always shakes up, forcing him to not sleeping in closed set, fixed, stable point of be petrified.

It is this achieved provided that today we are still in a position to polish the experimental trial and error because the efficiency of our practice we control. * ** yet remains to collect your reading impressions; yet to make in terms of work and research all open runs: those drawn by C. Freinet those, news, our time and our lives require us; rest to list but also to bring together the interests of all, at all levels, from all the clutter, all the reactions from reading these publications. For a new joint edition.

Address your mail directly to: Rene Lafitte – B.T.R. B.T.R. Author: Celestin Freinet
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